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Frequently Asked Questions

Voices of MammoSite

Here are the most frequently asked questions - with answers - from people interested in the Voices of MammoSite® program. If your question is not covered below, please Contact Us and email your question to our Program Manager for a prompt answer.

How can I talk with a Voices of MammoSite volunteer?

First, see who you'd like to talk with by looking through the Voices of MammoSite stories on this site. If a volunteer is available to connect with, you can click a Contact Me link by her story and submit a Contact Request. To briefly explain the process: you'll first be asked to complete some simple sign-in steps, which will give you access to a special private online message center. Initial communication with a volunteer will be done through this online message center, after which you may mutually agree to talk in other ways. This process is designed primarily for privacy purposes - so no one needs to provide their personal contact information to someone else unless she chooses to do so.

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How long will it be before a volunteer contacts me?

We understand you may want to talk with someone as soon as possible, and our goal is for all Contact Requests to be answered within 24 to 48 hours. However, this may not always be possible. For example, a volunteer might be unable to check her email for some reason. If a Contact Request is made and a volunteer hasn't opened her email in two days, the Voices of MammoSite Program Manager will be alerted and then take steps to find another volunteer. Or you can always contact her at 877.566.9866.

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How will the communication take place?

After initial contact through the online message center, the way you communicate with a MammoSite volunteer is entirely up to the two of you. If it's just by email, that's fine. If you'd rather talk over the phone or in person, you can let the volunteer know and work out arrangements with her to do so. You may want to start with emails, then move to phone calls - whatever works for both of you.

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Will my conversations remain private?

Absolutely. Any and all conversations will be treated confidentially. Communication through the online message center will be monitored, but that is for the purpose of ensuring timely response to Contact Requests.

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How do I know if information provided by volunteers is accurate?

The Voices of MammoSite program is meant to help you talk with women who have gone through MammoSite therapy and hear about their personal experiences. Each person's experience, of course, is individual and unique. So please remember that the Voices of MammoSite program is not meant to provide medical advice or guidance. MammoSite volunteers will be the first to tell you to consult your doctor for medical information and answers to medical questions.

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Can I connect with a volunteer if I don't have internet/email?

Yes, of course you can! Simply call our Voices of MammoSite number at 877-566-9866 and ask our Program Manager to arrange for a volunteer to contact you. Our Program Manager may ask you a few questions to determine which volunteer she'd recommend for your situation. Then we'll contact a volunteer to arrange for her to call at a time convenient for you.

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How can I volunteer for the Voices of MammoSite program?

If you have received MammoSite® therapy and wish to volunteer, you can do so by going to the Become a Member section of this site. You'll find information on being a volunteer, an online sign-up form to fill out, as well as instructions for sending your story and photo. We welcome those of you who have had MammoSite therapy to help other women in their fight against breast cancer.

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