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Patient Testimonials

Women who have fought breast cancer helping those who face it know their treatment options.

"I would have the procedure done on a Friday and then come back the following Monday to begin my regimen of 10 treatments. I realized that if I were to have traditional radiation treatments, our family would have to forego scheduled vacation plans, which included taking my son to college. Opting for MammoSite meant that there would be minimal impact on my quality of life."
Barb, Staten Island, NY
"I want to let women know that should this beast we call breast cancer ever turn up in their life, it doesn’t always mean horror. This is a new and exciting option to deal with destroying leftover cancer cells in the area of the tumor."
Rosie, Tempe, AZ
"As a young woman with work and school obligations, it was very important that I find a treatment that was both appropriate for my condition (as a cancer survivor) and amenable to my schedule. MammoSite seemed to fit the bill."
Shaun, Philadelphia, PA
"Would I do it again, ABSOLUTELY. Would I recommend it to others, YOU BET!"
Jen, Kent, OH
"I'm proud of what I've been through. Cancer is not easy. But, for me, going through MammoSite 5-day Therapy was a breeze. It didn't hurt. It was fast. I was able to keep up with the flow of my life - pick it right back up in just a few days."
Gail, Greenwood, SC
"This new technique to fight breast cancer was encouraging for me in my life. I felt it was going to give me a better chance that it will never come back into the area in which it was removed."
Carmen, Phoenix, AZ
"I highly recommend MammoSite Radiation for anyone that is a candidate; it was less stress and meant getting on with my life so much sooner for my family and myself. If you can be done with treatments in 5 days instead of weeks it's a beautiful thing."
Marlene, San Jose, CA
"With MammoSite Radiation Therapy my life has not changed, I work 9-10 hours daily, I travel every chance I get, 27 days to Europe, New York, Pennsylvania to see my youngest son, Disney World several times with my grandson, to the gym 3 times a week. There is nothing I cannot do now that I was able to do before, except enjoy it more for the 2nd chance I have at LIFE."
Janice, Pembroke Pines, FL