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My Story

Suzette | age 49
Part-time Yarn Shop Sales
Poland, ME
11 years, 8 months since her MammoSite treatment.

Hi my name is Suzette and I am a 38 year-old mother of 2 with no family history of breast cancer. One month after my 38th birthday I was diagnosed with estrogen receptive DCIS discovered by my baseline mammogram. Shocked does not even begin to describe my reaction. Because my cancer was ER I had to stop taking the estrogen that was helping to delay menopause that started when I had a hysterectomy a year before. So I got a cancer diagnosis along with hot flashes and all the other joys of menopause all at the same time!! I have been very fortunate to have awesome doctors and top-notch medical facilities nearby. They took care of making all my appointments, got me into each specialist right away and from being diagnosed from a biopsy on Halloween to ending radiation just before Christmas, it was a whirlwind experience. I was the first person my surgeon placed the MammoSite cathether in and she was awesome. It was mildly uncomfortable but not terrible - if you can withstand eyebrow waxing you can take this. The next day (Friday) I went to the cancer center. They checked the placement, verified margins and I was cleared to go the following Tuesday. Overall the MammoSite radiation was not painful and the side effects were minimal. During the week of my treatments I generally felt like I had a mild case of the flu, but was able to do all that I needed to take care of my kids. The removal of the catheter was not at all painful and it was nice to have it gone. The only problem I had with the catheter in was that if I bent over it hurt, other than that, it was ok. I never got an infection and I had it in for 2 weeks. Not being able to shower was rough, but it was only one week and the shower I got to take when it was all over was very appreciated. About two weeks after treatments stopped I started having some skin reactions to the radiation that lasted 2-3 weeks. They were uncomfortable but using the Aquaphor cream made a huge difference and again it didn't prevent me from doing anything. Overall MammoSite was really the best way for me and my family to deal with this life-altering event, and I am so glad that it was an option for me. I feel comfortable with my decision to use MammoSite and know that it made a tough situation easier.

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.