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My Story

Insurance Agent
Celebration, FL
11 years, 7 months since her MammoSite treatment.

Who knew that I would ever join the GIRLS? No breast cancer in my family. Even when I received the notice that I had to go in for more tests it did not occur to me that it could be anything but an error on the film. I walked into that without a fear. Well, guess what, I had breast cancer. I was so lucky to be referred to Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. The doctors said I probably would do very well with the MammoSite. My Radiologist, Dr. Rani Anne, was so sweet and understanding and truly became my friend in this fight. I remember the day that I had the catheter inserted, boy, was I scared. She gave me something to take the edge off and as I laid there expecting the was over. Not anything like I feared. After that, as we all know, twice-a-day treatments for ten minutes each. The girls had CD's playing Frank, The Beatles, jazz or anything I wanted. It was my time to get quiet and into myself. After five days, came the time for the catheter to be removed. Again, I was scared, big time. Dr Anne was to do the job. I'm lying on the table, the nurse is holding my hand, Dr Anne asks me if I am ready, the nurse tells me to hold on tight...before I can even brace...the darn thing is out. NO PAIN! I promise, it did not hurt. In fact, we all laughed because it was so anti-climatic. My wish for every woman that gets the terrible news that I and so many others have received is that they can be able to have the MammoSite treatment that I had. I am only one month out from treatment but because it was so fast I do not feel that it has changed or disrupted my life. My hope is that my story can ease the fear of those coming after me.

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.