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My Story

Rebecca | age 49
Administrative Assistant
Seadrift, TX
12 years, 9 months since her MammoSite treatment.

In Sept. 2006 at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Carcinoma - I had a left lumpectomy and as part of my treatment did the MammoSite Radiation for 5 days. I also did chemo for 4 months.

I did have a reaction to the chemo and the radiation - I had "Radiation Recall" - basically the radiation reacted to the chemo causing a 2nd degree burn at the surgery site. After a month of healing - started back on my chemo.

I did not have any more problems with it until Nov. 2010 when I went for my mammogram as always I have to do the ultrasound as well. This time it was different - I had a mass that they were not sure of so I underwent a MRI and learned it was just growing SCAR TISSUE. At this point I was informed I needed to have surgery to correct this problem - I did my homework and found a plastic surgeon who dealt with reconstruction - Dr. Rafi Bidros in Houston TX.
After a few visits with Dr. Bidros I underwent what was supposed to be a partial mastectomy - but ended up being a total mastectomy because of the expand of the scar tissue. I had the Tram Flap reconstruction - and could not be Happier!

I would do it all over again with the MammoSite - Targeted Radiation. Everything I have been thru was worth not having to do 6 mo. of radiation!

I am now a 5 year Survivor and and Happy and Living Life to the fullest!


This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.