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My Story

MELISSA | age 64
Office Manager
Jacksonville, FL
10 years, 5 months since her MammoSite treatment.

I was diagnosed with DCIS in November 2008. A Lumpectomy followed in January of 2009 and MammoSite the first week of February 2009. I wanted to have some control over what was happening to me so I became a curious student during the process. I wanted to know everything-the hows, whys and how much. MammoSite is an amazing treatment option. I have been blessed to have had this amazing and short treatment! Minor discomfort with the catheter in place one week prior and the week of treatment was a very small price to pay. I did experience a delayed reaction to the radiation and had some red, rough skin 9 weeks following treatment completion which was easily remedied with an ointment from the radiation oncologist. In March of 2010 I had another lumpectomy because I experienced what seemed to be rapidly growing scar tissue that was very hard and it hurt! Dr. Edwards removed the tissue and apparantly also found a fluid filled cyst under it that was causing the tissue to appear to 'grow'. All is well 2 mammograms later! Still Cancer free! I look forward to seeing further progress in the use of MammoSite Radiation and I strongly encourage any woman who is dealing with breast cancer to ask your doctor if you are a candidate. If you are, you will be glad you took this path in your journey of treatment.

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.