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My Story

Lynn | age 65
Healthcare Finance
Charlotte, NC
13 years, 10 months since her MammoSite treatment.

I believe every woman wonders what her reaction would be to hearing the dreaded words “breast cancer.” I know when I heard those words I stared at a burning candle on my kitchen table and could not get my breath. Then once diagnosed everything moves so quickly you do not have much time to think. My Radiologist explained the MammoSite procedure to me and the 5-day treatment plan was a perfect fit for my schedule. Just 2 months prior I had accepted a high profile position with a Fortune 50 Company. I was scared the first morning, but after my first treatment everything was wonderful. Sure does beat 7 weeks of daily radiation. I did not miss work during my treatment.

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.