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My Story

Joan | age 56
Polymer Scientist
Bexley, OH
9 years, 4 months since her MammoSite treatment.

A follow-up of a routine mammogram in January 2010 resulted in the detection of a tumor up against my chest wall, a complete shock. I met with two different breast surgeons in the Columbus area, but neither one offered me the MammoSite option only chemotherapy and/or external radiation. My sister, Charlotte, is an RN, MSN, and Patient Safety Analyst in the Philadelphia area. Just after my diagnosis, she was researching an article that she was writing on wrong-site breast cancer surgeries, and met with Dr. Thomas Frazier in Bryn Mawr, PA, purely by chance in February, to get his expert opinion regarding those errors. Revealing nothing about me or my situation, she called me from his office parking lot immediately after meeting with him, and told me that if there were any way to have this work out, she felt she had found the breast surgeon for me. I looked him up on the web, immediately liked what I saw, and called him, with no serious expectations. Within an hour, he called me back personally, and we spoke for about half an hour, which included him telling me about MammoSite, the first time I was aware that such a treatment option existed.
Charlotte and her husband Irv generously offered for me to stay with them as long as would be required for me to "go for the cure," as Charlotte likes to say, and the rest is history. I met Dr. Frazier in person on March 9th, liked him in person even more than on the telephone, and committed on the spot to have him as my surgeon. I ended up requiring a second surgery, as my margins were not completely clear the first time following microscopic examination, and Dr. Frazier inserted the catheter tube for the MammoSite treatment at the same time. I started the MammoSite treatment 2 days later, and everything was completed on April 7th. It really is amazing how things work out sometimes. I still cannot believe how all of this actually fell into place - and I had a golden opportunity to spend almost 4 weeks of quality time with Charlotte and Irv, an opportunity that would otherwise have never happened, if it were not for the cancer diagnosis. Pretty neat.

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.