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My Story

Claudia | age 64
Florist - Flower Shop Owner
San Antonio, TX
17 years, 3 months since her MammoSite treatment.

Hello, my name is Claudia and I was the first woman to have the MammoSite procedure after it was cleared by the FDA. My treatment was in May, 2002. I first found out I had breast cancer from a yearly mammogram. I was informed that I was able to have the MammoSite as I was being prepared to go into surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Arthur Rosenthal, explained the procedure to me and told me that the equipment had arrived about an hour earlier. He was one out of ten doctors nationally selected to perform the procedure. He also explained that Dr. Bradley Prestidge would be doing the radiation and that he was also selected. I was scared and didnít know what to expect. I had heard a little bit about this on television, but I trusted my doctor and made my choice. I think the procedure helps you to put cancer behind you and move on with your life instead of having to go through a long treatment.

My surgery and treatment was televised and in the news, so everywhere I went a lot of people recognized me and would be very interested to hear what happened to me. Due to the exposure I would meet fellow survivors and share with them my experiences. I also would meet with women who just found out they had breast cancer and see that same terrified look on their faces that I had from not knowing what to do. I would take their hand in mine and hug them, telling them that they CAN get through this and that they have just made a friend for life! I realize right now as I write this that I have met so many strong and courageous women.

I remember right before my surgery I met a survivor who told me my life would change forever, and at the time I didnít know what she meant. Now I do. I look at life differently now. I no longer take for granted a beautiful sunset or the birds singing in the morning. I also have learned that things that used to upset me before really donít matter now. I am grateful every second of my life!

Just the other day someone asked me how I felt to be the first woman to have the MammoSite procedure after FDA clearance. I guess the word that describes my feelings best is thankful. Iím thankful that I was able to have this treatment. Iím thankful I was blessed with wonderful doctors and nurses; and Iím thankful that I was able to help doctors learn more to make it easier for the next patient.

When I tell people about the MammoSite they will ask me: ďHow do you know it was the right choice?Ē or ďDo you think this was the best treatment?Ē Well, there are no guarantees in life with anything, all I know is I have no regrets. I never looked back and I keep moving forward with a positive attitude. I am a Survivor and I am here!

This profile is solely the words of the person who received MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy to treat breast cancer. Note that this profile is specific to this particular person, and experiences will vary.